The new EMS/TENS neuromuscular stimulator SwissSTIM® is now available in two versions.


SwissSTIM Physio


SwissSTIM Trigger

The SwissSTIM® has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards in order to assist patients recovering from various medical issues that can benefit from the prescribed use of neuromuscular stimulation. These medical issues include prevention of muscle atrophy, relaxation of muscle, spasms, improving blood circulation, muscle re-education, muscle strengthening and improving range of motion and pain control.

An important capability of the SwissSTIM® is pain control. Pain, while unpleasant, is an important warning system that alerts us to an actual injury or disease. Pain is described as either acute or chronic. Acute pain is typically limited in duration and often occurs due to workplace or recreational injuries. Chronic pain is long-lasting, persistent pain that may no longer serve a warning function and thus becomes a problem.

SwissSTIM® has the ability to help relieve both chronic and acute pain.

Within the United States territory, the SwissSTIM is only available through prescription sales. Please contact us or go to our support page to download our prescription order form.


In order to even better fulfill the needs of the patients, the SwissStim (revision 1.3 and higher) offers four fully customizable programs. This feature allows the therapist to deliver a tailor-made treatment to each patient.

SwissSTIM Custom
DURATION [MIN] the total duration of the program in minutes (1 to 60 minutes)
RAMP [S] the duration of the intensity ramp in seconds (0 to 5 seconds, should be zero if no ramp wanted)
P. FREQ [HZ] the pulse rate in Hertz or pulse per second (1 to 120)
P. WIDTH[US] the pulse duration in microseconds (0 to 1000, should be zero if no pulse wanted)
DURATION [S] the duration of the ON or OFF time phase in seconds (0 to 60, should be zero if no ON time phase wanted)


Waveforms The waveforms are monophasic rectangular, voltage regulated
Parameters The parameters (pulse rate, pulse duration, stimulation time, rest time) are optimized for each program
Pulse duration Maximal pulse 1000 µs (depending on program)
Pulse frequency range 1 - 120 Hz
Maximum output 50Volt ± 10%
Channels 2 independent, isolated channels with separate intensity control levels for each channel
Power supply 4 AAA batteries (Alkaline, NiCd or NiMh)
Battery life 20 hours at 100% intensity


1. Multi-Tens 20 min
2. Agility and Power 90 min
3. Intensive Power 15 min
4. Relaxation 28 min
5. Resistance (customizable) 45 min
6. Strength (customizable) 45 min
7. Explosive Strength (customizable) 35 min
8. Endurance (customizable) 60 min
9. Active Recovery 24 min
10. Potentiation 4 min
11. 1000 µsec Pulse Constant 28 min
12. 1000 µsec Pulse Modulated 28 min
13. Alternated Left/Right 1sec 28 min
14. Alternated Left/Right 2sec 28 min
15. Rehabilitation 29 min
16. *External Trigger 60 min

* only available on SwissSTIM® Trigger device